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Winning Reasons to Choose Solar Panel Installation in Melbourne

Until fairly recently, the use of solar panels seemed to remain exclusive to those who could afford large upfront costs. Today, a combination of rising affordability and increasing government grants have made Solar Panel Installation in Melbourne more accessible than ever. If now’s the time for you to make the change, but you still need a little persuading, here are some of our best arguments for choosing solar energy.

Melbourne benefits from a generous number of sunshine hours each year

Although Melbourne isn’t Australia’s sunniest city, it does benefit from a generous number of sunshine hours each year. In hotter months such as January, peak sunshine hours reach up to 280. Although this falls to just over 100 hours in June, it still translates to significant solar energy savings. It’s important to note that peak sun hours aren’t the same as daylight hours, they’re more a reflection of when the sun is at its strongest. Your solar system will still produce energy during cloudy periods, too. However, this can reduce to as little as 25 to 45%.


Regardless of how many peak sun hours you’re receiving, each one that translates to solar energy use means a reduction in your electricity bills. If you make sensible use choices, such as only operating washing machines and similar items throughout the day, you could see a significant reduction in your household bills.

You could increase your property’s value 

Solar Panel Installation in Melbourne may increase your property’s value. When you come to resell your home later on, being able to tell buyers that your house will lower their cost of living is an excellent selling point. With Melbourne ranking high on Australia’s most expensive cities list, but providing excellent job opportunities, it’s likely that those moving to the area would prioritise the properties that help them save money. As a result, a property that benefits from solar panel installation will appeal to more potential buyers. 

Choosing solar panel installation in Melbourne could mean you make money

If your property is eligible for a feed-in tariff scheme, your main grid energy supplier may need to pay you for any energy that funnels back to them. Whether you benefit from the feed-in tariff can depend on the type of system you’re installing. If you are eligible, the Australian government instructs your energy company to make a payment for any energy that’s fed into its systems and used elsewhere. While this isn’t a way to replace your day job, it is an excellent approach to reducing your household costs further. 

Solar panels have never been more cost-effective

If ever there was a time to take advantage of the diverse nature of solar panel installation in Melbourne, now is it. At Arise Solar, we strive to ensure each of the systems we provide is both cost-effective and high-quality. Whether you need one of our 5Kw Solar System Brisbane for a home or a 50 kW system for your business, we’re confident we can help you save money. 

In addition to systems no longer costing the Earth, solar panel services are available to make it easier for you to maintain them. At Arise Solar, we provide maintenance and cleaning services. By choosing to use them, you’ll benefit from a team that’s familiar with an array of systems, and you’ll reduce the need to engage in replacements and repairs.

If the thought of solar panel installation in Melbourne appeals to you, come to us. We work with residents and businesses throughout the area, and we’re adept at working around common energy challenges. To learn more, contact us today via our form or call 1300 274 737